5 Famous Tourist Attractions in England

Who doesn’t know England, a country that is famous for its empire and football, it turns out that it also has many tourist attractions that are busy inviting foreign tourists to come visit it. It is undeniable that England is also one of the countries in the world which is famous for its various tourist attractions, especially London which is the capital. For more than 2000 years, London has kept various things that are amazing and entertaining for foreign tourists who come to visit. Especially if it weren’t for the various tourist attractions that have charm and high historical value.

In addition, London is also the largest city in England or the United Kingdom (UK). The London area itself is divided into two parts, namely the City of London and Greater London. The City of London itself is the city center, while Greater London is an area that includes the urban areas of Middlesex, Essex, Surrey, Kent, and Hertfordshire. Moreover, at this time London is one of the modern cities in the world which is famous for its art, entertainment, fashion, education, trade, media, and of course the last one is tourism. Sometimes the tourism increase due to in England now there are many casinos open which attract bettor all around the globe. Similar with Asia, in this country, they also looking for casino game slot online terpercaya that easy to play and have a fair chance of winning.

So it is not surprising that many tourists from various parts of the world come just to travel to London, England. Here are a variety of tourist attractions in England, especially London, including:

Trafalgar Square

Trafalgar Square

Trafalgar Square is the first tourist attraction that can be visited when you come to England. Trafalgar Square is a city square located in Central London. The field, which has existed since 1840, was formerly known as Charing Cross. For those of you who have read the novel Negeri 5 Menara by A. Fuadi, you must know this Trafalgar Square.

The name Trafalgar itself is taken from the events of the Battle of Trafalgar, where the British fleet won the victory when fighting against France and Spain in the Napoleonic Wars. In addition, what is interesting about this place is the Nelson’s Column monument which is in the middle of the field. In addition, several statues and fountains are found in other parts of the grounds, which are also filled with many pigeons.

Portobello Road Market

Portobello Road Market is the second tourist spot that can be visited when you come to England. This place is a tourist spot in the form of a market with a variety of antiques merchandise.

So, this place is perfect for those of you who like antiques, such as furniture, clothes to jewelry. This market is the most famous market in London which is located in the Nothing Hill area. In addition, this market is also equipped with a variety of cafes and restaurants that you can enjoy to relax and dine after tired of walking around the market.

After you choose a suitable restaurant to relax in, make sure it is the most comfortable choice. Because comfort is the most important. If you are comfortable, eating feels good and you can even enjoy the game you like. For example, you can eat while playing slot games.

London Eye

The London Eye is the third place to visit when you come to England. The London Eye is the second largest windmill in the world. The Ferris wheel is opposite the South Bank Parliament Building. The procession to drive this car is quite long every day, but if you come to London, England, you will never regret trying to drive it.

If you ride this vehicle, you will be spoiled with beautiful and amazing views of the city of London and the Thames River which is also very famous in London, England. This vehicle has been open since 2000 and is also known as the Millennium Wheel or the Ferris Wheel. This vehicle has a structure height of 135 meters and is equipped with 32 capsules that are ready to transport tourists.

Natural History Museum

The Natural History Museum is the fourth tourist spot that can be visited when you come to England. This museum is famous for its very large and diverse collection. There are an estimated 70 million specimens on display, the collections of which come from items brought by Charles Darwin and Captain Cook’s botanist, Joseph Bank. In addition, there are also various special attractions prepared for children, such as the dinosaur collection.

This museum has a European-style architecture that is famous for its elegance, in which there are various historical collections, such as the skeleton of a blue whale to dinosaur fossils. The museum itself is located at Cromwell Road London SW7 5BD. In addition, this museum is also free and provides WiFi that you can enjoy during its opening hours from 10.00-17.50 local time every day.

Buckingham Palace

Buckingham Palace is the fifth tourist spot that can be visited when you come to England. This tourist spot is the residence of the very famous queen in England. In which, you can watch the changing of the palace guards in red uniforms and high hats made of bear fur at 11.00 every day or 10.00 on Sundays and winter days.

The changing of the guard is carried out like a ceremony accompanied by royal music. There are always many visitors who come packed in front of the palace gates to witness this changing of the guard.

Tower of London

The Tower of London is the sixth tourist spot that can be visited when you come to England. The Tower of London is a huge fortress that is very majestic and the story of the past is amazing and tragic.

The fort which is located on the river side is remembered as a prison, where Henry VIII executed his two wives, namely Katharine Howard (1542) and Anne Boleyn (1536). In this fort you can also find 6 crows kept by Ravenmaster. Even the English proverb says that when the crow leaves the tower, this building and the monarchy will collapse.

Piccadilly Circus

Piccadilly Circus is the seventh tourist spot that can be visited when you come to England. Piccadilly Circus is a very busy crossroads area in England. This place is perfect for those of you who want to take a leisurely stroll while mingling with British society.

In addition, there are also various shops and the Ripley’s Believe It or Not! Museum. The view becomes even more interesting with a fountain that has a beautiful statue in the middle and giant advertising screens that are packaged quite attractively around Piccadilly Circus itself.



The City of London is one of the most famous metropolitan cities in the world. London is the capital city of England which has a lot of charm. Thus, many tourists travel far from their home countries to enjoy the atmosphere and various tourist attractions offered by the city of London. One of them is the London Eye which has a height of about 135 m. With this height, tourists can enjoy views of the city of London from a height, especially at night. Tourists can also enjoy other tourist attractions from the city of London, namely the Tower Bridge or Tower Bridge. This bridge is built over the River Thames and has a length of 244 m. In addition, near the Tower Bridge, there is also the Tower of London or the Tower of London, which is one of the historic buildings in London. Therefore, there are many tourists from abroad who come to London to visit several historical places and to become an icon of the city of London.

London is not only known as one of the cities with a long history and historical tourist attractions. However, London is also known as one of the cities with large shopping and entertainment centers. This also makes many people travel just to enjoy the atmosphere of entertainment venues in London. One of the most famous entertainment venues in London is the casino. There are many casinos built and combined with hotels. This is done to provide accommodation for tourists who want to come and spend time at the casino.

Best Casino You Can Visit In London

One of the largest casinos in the city of London is the Hippodrome Casino. The location is on Cranbourn Street Leicester Square, London WC2H 7JH England. This casino is open for one week 24 hours. So, tourists and visitors can visit this casino at any time. In addition, to be able to play games at the Hippodrome Casino, visitors do not need a membership card.  There are many casino games offered at this casino such as poker, slot machines, etc.  Visitors can also enjoy several other facilities such as a bar, cabaret theater, smoking room, and several sports game shows from the United States such as the NFL. You can also enjoy these sports betting online at Agen SBOBET with special bonuses that no other offline casino can offer to you.


To access the Hippodrome Casino, there are several paths that can be used, such as Leicester Square and Covent Garden underground street. Hippodrome Casino is also located close to several tourist attractions, namely the National Gallery, Strawberry Tours, and the Comedy Carnival Leicester Square. Visitors who want to enjoy a delicious meal after visiting the Hippodrome Casino can visit several restaurants in the vicinity such as Steak & Co. 28-50 Wine Bar & Kitchen Covent Garden, Garrick Street Covent Garden, etc.

The Sportsman Casino is one of the casinos that can be visited in the city of London. This casino is located on Old Quebec Street, London W1H 7AF England. The interesting thing about this casino is the quality by the excellent service staff. In addition, the games provided are games with modern technology and a traditional casino atmosphere. So, visitors will get an exciting experience while playing at the casino. In addition, the amount of bet money and the price of drinks and food at the casino bar are also quite affordable. This casino is also quite close to several other tourist spots such as the Animals in War Memorial, Selfridges, etc.



Did you know that apart from tourist attractions, people also vacation in England because of its unique and colorful festivals? There are walking festivals, Shakespeare’s birthday celebrations, London marathons, to gardening festivals! So that you don’t miss it, here are 10 festivals in April that must be included in your holiday itinerary in England this year.

Isle of Wight Walking Festival

April 4-19 on the Isle of Wight, Southern England.

The Isle of Wight is known as “the dinosaur capital of Britain” because of the abundance of dinosaur fossils here. The location of the island with a beautiful coastline is only about 2 hours from London. If you want to explore this place, the right time is April 4-19 2019. There is The Isle of Wight Walking Festival which presents a variety of guided walking tours with interesting routes. Together with locals and other tourists, you will tread a variety of landscapes, from hilly to seaside. The sea breeze and stunning seaside views are sure to make your walking tour relaxing and enjoyable.

Grand National

April 5-7 at Aintree Racecourse, Liverpool.

Besides being famous for its football team, Liverpool also has an attraction for lovers of equestrian sports. One of the biggest horse racing competitions in the world, the Grand National will be held on April 4-6. Have an unforgettable experience when you see 40 horses running over obstacles, overtaking each other, until finally ending up at the finish line and being greeted by loud applause. If you want to watch, ticket prices range from £30.00 to £95.00 (around Rp. 544 thousand to Rp. 1.8 million). Don’t miss out on Ladies’ Day on the second day, where fashionistas will wear their best clothes.

Edinburgh International Science Festival

April 6-12 in Edinburgh, Scotland.

One of the largest science festivals in Europe, the Edinburgh International Science Festival, provides an extraordinary experience through innovative programs and engaging discussions. Held for two weeks in Edinburgh, you can join in watching science films, take part in special activities, see science exhibitions, and participate in discussions about the future of culture, the earth and technology.

The Oxford & Cambridge Boat Race

April 7 in London.


Already have an agenda to London on 7 April? Take time to stop by the riverside around Putney, Hammersmith or Mortlake in South London. Since 1829, the Oxford & Cambridge Boat Race has been the most eagerly awaited boat race for British citizens. There is also The Boat Race Fan Parks in Bishop’s Park, Hammersmith with big screens, food stalls, and Boat Race knick-knacks that you can buy.

RHS Flower Show Cardiff

April 12-14 in Cardiff, South Wales.

For those of you who are interested in colorful flower gardens, you will definitely be happy to come to Cardiff on April 12-14. The Royal Horticultural Society Flower Show will be held in Bute Park, Cardiff. This is a place for flora lovers to gather and find inspiration for their gardening activities. If you don’t like gardening, you can still come to see a flower exhibition or join a workshop. Who knows, after returning from Cardiff, you will want to organize your garden at home.

St. George’s Day

23 April across the UK.

Well, if you’re in England on April 23, you can join in celebrating St. George’s Day. On this day, people feast to celebrate a legendary British hero. Celebration of St. George’s Day is filled with activities such as a medieval big meal, “dragon hunting” or a theatrical performance about St. George’s. George.



What will make an impression of the autumn moment compared to other seasons is the sound, the distinctive fragrance, the cool but warm weather, the leaves that bring out beautiful colors, to attract attention to your Instagram feed.

For that, there are six reasons why you should take a vacation to Great Britain in autumn. The following include:

1. The leaves change color

The beauty of the withered leaves leaves a beautiful color. Especially when exposed to sunlight, the colors look very beautiful from orange, golden yellow and red to brown.

Places you can visit in London such as Richmond Park which is the home of 630 deer, Hyde Park & ​​Kensington Gardens where you can see geese, and don’t forget to bring lucky nuts to feed the squirrels.

2. Striking light color

Dazzling and natural fall colors decorated with gradient stripes of pink and gold in the sky. In autumn the sun does not rise as high as the sky, only making the sun rise earlier, but setting later.

To see the beauty of the Autumn sky, you can visit National Parks such as Pembrokeshire Coast National Park in Wales, The South Downs National Park, Exmoor National Park and Galloway Forest in Scotland.

3. Enjoy the pretty village and hang out at the cafe

A walk in the English countryside is one autumn treat you shouldn’t miss. Though it might be a little chilly.


England is famous for its beautiful villages. Call it Bibury, it is said to be the most beautiful village according to British artists besides that there is Castle Combe Village and Rye Village which are only 1 hour 30 minutes to 2 hours by train from London. After or half way, don’t forget to stop at a pub or cafe with a wood fireplace to warm you up.

4. Relax indoors

When the weather is a reason to stay indoors, you can enjoy a cup of hot tea and delicious scones in the ‘Tea Room’ or the tearoom. A view with autumn colors, and sunshine, which makes you forget about the cold temperature and makes for an ideal relaxing place!

You can try the famous Afternoon tea in England, namely Betty’s Tea Rooms in Yorkshire, and several instagrammable cafes in London such as – Dalloway Terrace, Peggy Porschen and Brigit’s Bakery, which presents a unique experience from the Afternoon Tea Bus Tour in London.

5. Beautiful scenery like a painting

Autumn brings out its natural package when you visit the forests, parks and gardens of England. Of course, this is the ideal time for a romantic trip with the idyllic autumn scenery with friends and family.

Visit one of the popular destinations, the Lake District, which has 16 beautiful lakes, forests, hills and mountains coupled with autumn colors.



This is the view of the Old Village in England which looks very beautiful and a variety of very unique old buildings. In contrast to the atmosphere in a city where daily life is rushed with busyness. However, it is different from a village that is able to provide a way of life and enjoy life without haste. In England there are a lot of old villages that are hundreds of years old. Still in the old building style typical of the Jadoel era, these villages become foreign tourists visiting.

Tourists who visit this location do not just enjoy the exotic style of the building and the calm village atmosphere. The lifestyle of the villagers is more relaxed and calm. do not rule out they feel like they are going through time and going to 14th century England. Interesting right? Well, here are 3 of the oldest villages in England.

1. Castle Combe

This rural development style is still expert like the ancient jamais and still looks very beautiful. Castle Combe, the name of this village itself is taken from the name of a castle which is about 0.5km to the north. The castle whose name inspired this village was built in the 12th century. It was only in the 14th century that Castle Combe Village began to develop rapidly. The village has a lot of history of medieval English glory in Wiltshire which lasted from the 14th to 15th century. Especially, the heyday of Castle Combe Village which is famous for its great wool trade.

In general, foreign and local tourists are interested in exploring Castle Combe after hearing the village’s two predicates. as the most visited places and photos, the most unique and beautiful villages in England. Here, you can visit some of the most popular places.

2. Dunster Village, Somerset

This village is located in the Somerset region in the western part of England. The old village called Dunster Village, was overcrowded in the 11th and 12th centuries. The old buildings of this village have become an attraction for foreign and local tourists. One village location is protected by law by the local government so that the authenticity of the history and the buildings remain in harmony.

Dunster Castle is a castle that is the center of attention in this village. Inside, you can find a large collection of antiques and unique items, such as paintings, items made of silver and porcelain and a leather cloth on which the love story of Anthony and Cleopatra is written. Apart from that, the castle is surrounded by beautiful green plants.

3. Bibury Village, Gloucestershire


Apart from Castle Combe and Dunster, there is one more village that you must visit, namely Bibury Village in Gloucestershire which is often referred to as the most beautiful countryside. because the scenery in that location is like being in a dream world. Here, you can explore old cottages, old churches, and other old buildings that date back to the 1300s.

This place is the hottest place is Arlington Row will make you feel like you are walking through a small village in medieval England. The old cottage, which is around the 1300s, can be seen along Arlington Street.



When they visit London, England, Big Ben is one of the tourist destinations that are often visited by tourists. The clock tower is an iconic landmark that frequently appears on lists of must-see London tourist destinations.

Besides being a favorite place for tourists to take pictures, did you know that the four o’clock side in the land of Queen Elizabeth has a number of interesting facts, you know. Starting from the most accurate clock to the largest clock in the world.

Here are seven interesting facts about Big Ben that we have summarized as reported by Big 7 Travel.

1. Big Ben Is The Name Of The Bell

So far, we certainly know that Big Ben is one of the most popular clock towers in England. However, behind it all the names Big Ben refer to the bells in the tower, not the name of the tower or the clock which is useful as a timepiece.

Big Ben is actually the name of the largest of the five chimes in this clock. Big Ben’s bell, which has another name Great Bell, is more than two meters high with a diameter of more than 2.5 meters and weighs nearly 14 tons.


Even so, in fact Big Ben is widely known as the name of the tower, even by Londoners themselves.
Reported by Visit London, Big Ben was completed in 1856 after 13 years of construction. Thus, Big Ben is 161 years old.

2. Only British Passport Holders May Join Big Ben Tours

Another interesting fact is that only British passport holders can join a tour of Big Ben. Apart from having a British passport, visitors must also be fit to reach the top of the tower and see Big Ben’s bells.
You have to pass as many as 334 steps before reaching the top of the tower.

3. One of the Most Accurate Watches in the World

Since its completion, the 316-foot clock tower has rarely stopped ticking. In fact, when a room in the tower exploded in a World War II-era bomb, the clock remained undamaged and was ticking.
The clock was ticking accurately because of the piles of coins placed on the pendulum.

4, World’s Largest Four-Sided Clock

Big Ben has the largest four-sided clock in the world. Each side is 7 meters in diameter and the minute hand reaches 4.2 meters.

Each watch face bears a message that reads: ‘DOMINE SALVAM FAC REGINAM NOSTRAM VICTORIAM PRIMAM’ which translates to “Oh my God, watch over our First Queen Victoria.”

5, One of the UNESCO Historic Sites

At 96 meters, Big Ben and the Elizabeth Tower are the most important parts of the Palace of Westminster.
In 1987, Big Ben was named a World Heritage Site by UNESCO.

6, Big Ben Ever Stop Ringing

The buzzer from Big Ben was unheard of at some time but with good reason. For example, Big Ben had stopped ringing in 1916. Big Ben was deliberately silenced to prevent the arrival of German Zeppelin soldiers in World War I.


Big Ben has also been silenced after the death of British Prime Minister Winston Churchill and the death of Margaret Thatcher in 2013. Meanwhile, Big Ben will also stop chiming for maintenance.
Citing The Guardian, the 157-year-old building will undergo restoration on its bells. Restoration work will take place from Monday, August 21, until 2021.

Restoration was needed to keep the giant clock in top condition for many years to come. In addition, restoration was needed to maintain the Elizabeth Tower, where Big Ben is located.

7, Every Year Big Ben Will Be Tuned To Be Accurate

To keep Big Ben accurate, every year the clock is well tuned to keep ticking exactly at that point. Interestingly, what kept Big Ben accurate was the use of the old English one cent coin.
If the clock runs fast, a penny is added to the pendulum. If it beats a little slow, then a penny is lost.
This clock operates with a Victorian mechanism that relies on gravity to trigger chimes per hour.



Who doesn’t know Harry Potter? A fictional character derived from J.K. Rowling has succeeded in making many people fall in love. Evidently all of his novel series were made into films and managed to top the box office ranks. England as the birthplace of this novel is definitely a must-visit destination for Harry Potter fans. Let’s take a look at some of the popular Harry Potter destinations in the UK.

1. Alnwick Castle, England

This one castle is the castle used by Harry and his friends to learn broomstick for the first time. In addition, this castle also appears when Harry learns the rules of the game of Quiditch. In case you forgot, this castle appeared in the first Harry Potter film entitled Harry Potter and The Sorcerer’s Stone.

2. Leadenhall Market, London

This Victorian era market is one of the most beautiful markets in London. Leadenhall Market appears in the 4th film, namely Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire. If you pay close attention, one of the shops in this market is used as the entrance to the Leaky Cauldron. In addition, Leadenhall Market is also the location where several Diagon Alley scenes were shot.

3. The Jacobite, Scotland


As a Harry Potter fan, you definitely want to experience riding the Hogwarts Express, right? Well, you can make it happen at The Jacobite, Scotland. Only by buying a ticket starting at 30 euros, you can ride this train with a route from Fort William to Mallaig. So this route will take you over the bridge to Hoghwarts.

4. Georgian House Hotel, London

This one hotel will fulfill your dream of spending the night at Hogwarts. The hotel offers Harry Potter themed rooms complete with spell books, potions, claudrons and so on. In addition, the hotel also provides tour services for attractions related to Harrp Potter in London. Are you sure you want to miss this opportunity?

5. King Cross, London

If you are a true Harry Potter fan, you will definitely not miss the opportunity to visit platform 9 ¾ at King Cross, London. In this place, besides being able to find the magic platform, you can also find a Harry Potter souvenir shop and a photo spot with the famous item trolley.

6. Christ Church, Oxford

If you are curious about the dining hall at Hoghwarts, then you must visit Christ Church in Oxford. This is because this dining hall is inspired by the main hall at Christ Church. In addition, in this church you can also see the stairs where Professor McGonagall meets Harry and friends for the first time.

7. Warner Bros Studio Tour, London

This seventh destination is a must-visit for all loyal Harry Potter fans. Studio WB has created an experience where a life of magic is brought to the real world. In this studio, you can feel that you are in the real Harry Potter location.

Apart from the seven destinations above, you can also visit other destinations such as Steall Falls in Scotland, Picadilly Circus in London, Loch Shiel in Scotland, Seven Sisters National Park in England, Glencoe in Scotland, Lacock Abbey in England, Goathland Station in England, 4 Privet Drive Little Whinging in Surrey, Millenium Bridge in London, Harrow School in London to the Bodleian library in Oxford.

Which is your favorite Harry Potter destination?



London, the capital city of England, is also a tourist destination for historical tourists, fashion connoisseurs, football fans, to Instagramable spot hunters.

If you are in London and one of the goals of wanting to hunt for an Instagramable spot, it’s good to know where these places are first. There are four instagramable spots that tourists usually visit.

1. Dominique Ansel Bakery London The first Instagramable spot

This place is a unique bakery with a closed park with a capacity of 25 guests. You can capture a variety of foods that are ordered at Afternoon Tea, which usually occurs in spring. A beautiful terrace containing a fruit and vegetable garden can also be a nice Instagram photo object. You can photograph freshly picked strawberries, British sweet peas, and beautiful flowers around the shop.

You can also create these bread so that they look beautiful to photograph, for example, watermelon with added ice cream on top. Of course, in addition to your eyes satisfied with the photos, your stomach is also full after eating the dish. Location Dominique Ansel Bakery London is located at 17-21 Elizabeth St, Belgravia, London SW1W 9RP. The operational time is open every day, starting at 08.00 WIB until 20.00 WIB. While for Sundays, it opens from 09.00 to 20.00 WIB.

2. The Berkeley Hotel, Where You Can Play Slot Online While Having an Afternoon Tea

The second Instagramable spot in London, is filled by The Berkeley Hotel. The UK is known for its tradition of afternoon tea or Afternoon Tea, where the queens like to drink tea accompanied by a variety of cakes. Uniquely at The Berkeley Hotel, cakes for Afternoon Tea are all shaped in the form of shoes, handbags, and others. Cake shaped fashion items that look beautiful and adorable because of the minimalist size. Here you will enjoy the most sophisticated moment to enjoy the fine dinning, while you can also enjoy Pragmatic Play slot online game on your mobile phone so you can be seen as a rich person. They also got some exciting casino games that will bring your luck to win high prizes!

You will feel like you can’t bear to eat it. For those of you who love unique food photos, The Berkeley Hotel is the right spot. But before hunting for photos, you need a reservation to be able to do these fun activities. The location is at The Berkeley Wilton Place, Knightsbridge, London, SW1X 7RL, England.

3. Coppa Club


This place is an Instagramable place and also a beautiful spot to admire the city of London, especially at night. The Coppa Club offers guests an experience to see the beautiful views of Tower Bridge and Shard while sitting relaxed in a capsule or igloo. This is also one of the coolest places in London. They make igloos because the temperature there is cold. It’s very popular until it has to be reserved, many of our artists also go there. You can capture photos in an igloo decorated with bright lights, soft blankets, and festive decorations. A perfect mix if you enjoy breakfast, lunch, and dinner and then immortalize it with your device or camera.

Please note, you can only make reservations at the Coppa Club online. You can open the coppaclub.co.uk site for more reservation information. The location of the Coppa Club is at 3 Three Quays Walk, Lower Thames Street, London.

4. Kew Garden The last Instagramable destination

This place is a large area of ​​parks and greenhouses located between Richmond and Kew, precisely southwest of London. This one spot is also commonly known as The Royal Botanical Garden Kew. In 2003, the park was included in the UNESCO World Heritage site. Kew Garden is a suitable choice for Instagramable spots in London because it has a beautiful garden setting. Besides, Kew Garden also has interesting events at any time.

The most satisfying is to enjoy and take pictures at Kew Garden at night because there are beautiful bright lights. There is always an event there, but the theme is different every time, for example, this spring, there is an orchid festival there. That’s the orchid from Indonesia.



MONSTER Loch Ness is one of the many popular legends in the world. This monster comes from Scottish folklore. Local Scottish residents call this creature by the name of Nessie. It is said that Nessie is a huge water creature. With a very long neck. Often appear on the surface of the water.

Many scientists believe Loch Ness is just a myth or a cultural story. You could even say hoax. Until now, there has been no proof that monsters are really just a myth. In fact, there are several versions of the story about the Loch Ness monster.

It all depends on where you hear it. Other locations and cultures have similar legends. There is a similar legend named Champ and Ogopogo. There are so many things that lie behind Nessie’s knowledge. Reporting from the travel page. Here are some facts about the Loch Ness monster.

1. Similar to Plesiosaurus


Loch Ness has a characteristic. Long neck. Big body. It has four fins. Such a picture must sound very scary. It also reminds us of ancient animals millions of years ago. Ancient animals are known as Plesiosaurus.

Usually, monsters have similarities with a creature. Even in fiction films. Monsters in the movie have properties very similar to the original animal. It makes sense if Loch Ness is considered that way. Maybe Nessie is a dinosaur that still survives.

2. Tourist attraction


Although Nessie could not be ascertained the existence and truth. The local legend is the income from the Scottish economic sector. It is estimated that the lake where Loch Ness was first seen generated billions of money each year.

That’s all because so many tourists come to visit the lake where Loch Ness has been seen. That way, Scotland is very proud of this legend. Even several tourist attractions were built around the location of the emergence of Loch Ness.


3. Deep scan operation


Maybe you think that Nessie is just a public story or an ordinary myth. It’s a big mistake if you think of it that way. A massive search has been carried out. Deep. To find Nessie.

This search is known as Deepscan Operation. The estimated cost of this operation is Rp. 14.3 billion, according to The Legend of Nessie’s website. Although during the operation, there was no very accurate evidence of Nessie’s whereabouts.

In their documentation, they found several sonar blips. It was identified as something bigger than a shark, but smaller than a whale.

4. Many see it on Google Earth


Not a few people are curious about the Loch Ness monster. They are willing to spend time to search using Google Earth. With the hope of finding something surprising.

Indeed, looking for it on Google Earth is the best way because you can search all day, without having to leave the comfort of your own home.

If you can’t go to Scotland. Try to search further on Google Earth. You will never know what you found.

5. More than 200 thousand searches on the internet


Loch Ness monster included in cryptozoology. The study of mysterious animals. Even Loch Ness is sought by more than 200 thousand Google users every day.

This number does not include visitors to the lake location of the emergence of Loch Ness. Or those who search on other search sites. People really like stories like this. One of them is Bigfoot. This shows that Cryptozoology is exciting.



There are so many interesting countries to visit in Europe, and Britain is one of the best. Not just a matter of building or a row of world-class football clubs, but also the royal life that is unique and inviting curiosity. Now, talking about the British empire is not only about Kate Middleton or Prince William, but also the British official. Yup, Queen Elizabeth.

This figure is indeed very iconic with England and indeed is so respected there. This 89-year-old woman is also very good temperament and friendly to anyone. But behind what we know about Queen Elizabeth, it turns out that the granddaughter of Queen Mary has unique facts that not everyone knows. For example, it turns out easy to get angry, unique object collectors, as well as many others. Following the review.

1. A kindhearted queen who can sometimes get angry

Queen Elizabeth

As good and polite as any manner of a nobleman, she is also an ordinary man who can be angry when there are various things that are not in accordance with her wishes. Something like this has also been shown by the queen. Several times she was caught on camera throwing shoes to threaten someone.

But of all these things, there is one exciting event that many people will remember about the queen’s anger. At that time, there was a photo session with the leaders of the countries at the G20 meeting in 2009. The queen, who was sitting in the front row, was very disturbed when Silvio Berlusconi suddenly shouted “Mr. Obama ” right behind her. Queen Elizabeth chimed in by shouting also like this, “Hey, should you scream like that?”. This incident was viral and invited a lot of responses.

2. The Queen Eats the Same Breakfast Every Morning

Queen Elizabeth

Imagine every day you have to eat fried rice or instant noodles, and you must be bored to death even though it tastes good. You are even more willing to skip breakfast if the menu is the same from yesterday. This is very different from the habits of Queen Elizabeth. Believe it or not, she has been eating the same breakfast menu, perhaps since she was young.

I don’t know what caused it, but the queen would never miss her favorite oatmeal cornflakes or porridge and orange jam bread. Hmm, even though she is a royal family who has more than enough wealth to provide a better and varied breakfast menu than this. But, the queen certainly has her own reasons. Maybe one of them is to save the royal budget.

3. Ever Received Prizes in the form of Unique Animals

Queen Elizabeth

Being a noble, let alone the most respected person in the kingdom, of course, Queen Elizabeth often receives gifts. But not only luxury items, the queen often receives gifts in the form of unique and unusual animals. For example, such as in 1968, when she visited Brazil, the local government gave her two slow lorises, which she finally placed in the London zoo.

Before giving these two cool animals, the queen had also received a Jaguar from Brazil, two black otters from Canada, and the most eager was an elephant from Cameroon. Unfortunately, the queen did not make Elizabeth Zoo even though armed with all these animal gifts she could make her own zoo.

4. Queen Has 30 Corgi Dogs

Queen Elizabeth

Corgi is a breed of dog with elongated body stature, but all four legs are short. This dog is known to be very spoiled and naughty. Even so, the queen really likes this type, and now she has about 30 tails. The first Corgi dog was given by her father, George VI, in 1933.

The queen’s attention to her dogs is really big. Even once when she learned that one of the royal workers did not treat her pet well, the queen cut his salary. At that time, the worker deliberately put the Corgi dog food in a tray filled with water while laughing.