In addition to traditions such as drinking tea in England, eating turkey on Christmas, they also have many other traditions. This tradition has been carried out for many years, and some have been centuries old following the tradition of tradition.


It was a night to commemorate the night in 1605 when Catholic youth Guy Fawkes and his colleagues planned to blow up the house of the lord, the Palace of Westminster, with gunpowder to kill the king of England. They were arrested on time. And at that time, they lit a bonfire to celebrate that King James survived the assassination plot. Read here more clearly, the way they tortured Guy Fawkes and his prison.
Not long after, that day was made a national holiday. One tradition that emerged was to burn a statue of a man like Guy Fawkes on a campfire after nightfall. Before being burned, the children paraded around the village and asked for a penny (coin) for the statue. But this tradition has largely disappeared and now fires more fireworks and bonfires at night every November 5. The torture scene of Guy Fawkes is also found in London’s Madame Tussauds Museum.


This event was held on Copper’s Hill near Gloucester, Cotswolds, England. The name of this game is taken from the name of the hill. Held every year precisely in every spring bank holiday. The game is done by 20 people chasing cheese from a cliff with a distance of 182 m and below. This event is actually a traditional village event, but now people from all over the world are taking part in this game. Due to the steep and irregular cliffs, many of the players were injured and sometimes even had a concussion. The event also offer some of casino play like judi online slot that can play in online version of slot gaming.


In England on Easter Day, they celebrate the tradition of Easter egg hunting. Where they hide the eggs around the garden or at home so children can find them and find them. Children are led to believe that these eggs are hidden by the Easter rabbit in the garden. Children usually collect the eggs they meet in a basket. These eggs are boiled and then decorated in such a way and colored. And artificial eggs filled with chocolate and candy inside.
This tradition first emerged from the 17th century. Around the time of Easter, precisely in spring, when there was a rabbit hopping and jumping in a garden. And at the same time, he found eggs by farmers. And they villagers believe that the eggs were laid by the rabbits earlier. From here, the possibility of the Easter bunny originated. At the same time, eggs have a Christian meaning, which means the creation of new life, namely the resurrection of Jesus.


Entering October, the whole of England was crowded with Halloween costumes that were sold to meet shops. In this full month, there are always events for Halloween that are held by people. They all wear costumes in various forms. Often seen them on the streets new possibilities or will come to the Halloween event. Indeed Halloween in the UK is not as big as in America. Halloween originates from the Celtic harvest festival, which marks the end of the harvest, and winter has arrived.
The most famous Halloween event is a carved pumpkin that resembles a scary face and is seen as a spirit. This pumpkin carved and given a candle in it is called a jack-o-lantern. They put these lanterns near the window or at the end of the trip on Halloween night to ward off evil spirits.