The City of London is one of the most famous metropolitan cities in the world. London is the capital city of England which has a lot of charm. Thus, many tourists travel far from their home countries to enjoy the atmosphere and various tourist attractions offered by the city of London. One of them is the London Eye which has a height of about 135 m. With this height, tourists can enjoy views of the city of London from a height, especially at night. Tourists can also enjoy other tourist attractions from the city of London, namely the Tower Bridge or Tower Bridge. This bridge is built over the River Thames and has a length of 244 m. In addition, near the Tower Bridge, there is also the Tower of London or the Tower of London, which is one of the historic buildings in London. Therefore, there are many tourists from abroad who come to London to visit several historical places and to become an icon of the city of London.

London is not only known as one of the cities with a long history and historical tourist attractions. However, London is also known as one of the cities with large shopping and entertainment centers. This also makes many people travel just to enjoy the atmosphere of entertainment venues in London. One of the most famous entertainment venues in London is the casino. There are many casinos built and combined with hotels. This is done to provide accommodation for tourists who want to come and spend time at the casino.

Best Casino You Can Visit In London

One of the largest casinos in the city of London is the Hippodrome Casino. The location is on Cranbourn Street Leicester Square, London WC2H 7JH England. This casino is open for one week 24 hours. So, tourists and visitors can visit this casino at any time. In addition, to be able to play games at the Hippodrome Casino, visitors do not need a membership card.  There are many casino games offered at this casino such as poker, slot machines, etc.  Visitors can also enjoy several other facilities such as a bar, cabaret theater, smoking room, and several sports game shows from the United States such as the NFL. You can also enjoy these sports betting online at Agen SBOBET with special bonuses that no other offline casino can offer to you.


To access the Hippodrome Casino, there are several paths that can be used, such as Leicester Square and Covent Garden underground street. Hippodrome Casino is also located close to several tourist attractions, namely the National Gallery, Strawberry Tours, and the Comedy Carnival Leicester Square. Visitors who want to enjoy a delicious meal after visiting the Hippodrome Casino can visit several restaurants in the vicinity such as Steak & Co. 28-50 Wine Bar & Kitchen Covent Garden, Garrick Street Covent Garden, etc.

The Sportsman Casino is one of the casinos that can be visited in the city of London. This casino is located on Old Quebec Street, London W1H 7AF England. The interesting thing about this casino is the quality by the excellent service staff. In addition, the games provided are games with modern technology and a traditional casino atmosphere. So, visitors will get an exciting experience while playing at the casino. In addition, the amount of bet money and the price of drinks and food at the casino bar are also quite affordable. This casino is also quite close to several other tourist spots such as the Animals in War Memorial, Selfridges, etc.

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