Have you ever found a fairytale book with illustrations and mystical characters? Like a witch character witch with a scary face, strange but still funny and fun for children? Examples such as a long and big nose, strange legs, the character of a child with deer antlers on his head, ears like animal ears, and houses that look mystical. That’s about the fantasy in the children’s playground in Hobbledown.


It is a playground that was deliberately created with a mystical theme for children of all ages. This playground is based on a children’s fantasy book full of mystery, magic written by mystical author Angela Kecojevic and illustrated by talented Lyn Stone. And now, it is processed and combined from children’s book fantasy into reality. If you interested in such fantasy, you can find it in daftar situs judi slot online terpercaya that will provide you the most exciting online slot machine with the themes of fantasy world and fable stories!

Playing in Hobbledown feels like a fairytale world. All his toys look mystical, like in another world. This mystique will be felt more if the weather is cloudy and the sky is dark. But this is the country of England, not difficult to find cloudy times except in summer.

It is located on a large piece of land. This is a former ranch that is now turned into a place of adventure for children full of mystery and a suitable place to express their fantasies. Until now, Hobbledown is still inhabited by cute and adorable animals that can be found here.

This is good for children who have a broader imagination. And there is also a land where old huts and farmworkers live in farms which, in my opinion, look like in fairy tale books.

Children can get acquainted with these adorable animals. Say hello to the parrot, the peacock with its luxurious fan feathers, the soft yet noisy coati, the flocking deer, the thick feathered lamb who likes to laze around and chew the grass all the time. Fat chicken that likes to peck corn and seeds, and sometimes when it’s in the mood, the chicken is dancing with the punchline.


Large rabbits that are always deft but soft. Because of its gentle nature, this very large rabbit can be made as a pet at home. In addition, it can be bred in fur and meat. Cute pigs that live in cages with lots of dry grass and toy pigs in cages.

Then there was the meerkat who always stood up to get attention and was dubbed the Hobbledown guard because he always stood tall. Alpaca who likes to spit and chew endlessly. Small-clawed beavers like to run on land and swim in the water. He has a mustache like a downy cat and likes to hunt for crabs with his family. This animal can also be found in Asia, including in Indonesia. The area around the farm was imaginatively designed like in a fairy tale world. Like a little house for this rabbit ?

Hobbledown is a paradise for brave and challenging people. The main game in Hobbledown is an imaginative area with wires connected between tall, roofed towers and underground tunnels. Other games such as giant swings, labyrinths, jumping on soft pillows, role-playing areas, walking on high ropes, and much more.

If the weather is not good, play in a warm room. There is a game place made of wood and made as unique and imaginative as possible. When hungry, some restaurants serve healthy food.

The location of Hobbledon is right in Epsom, UK, and only about 30 minutes from central London. This place feels like in a very remote English countryside even though it can only be reached by tube.