London, the capital city of England, is also a tourist destination for historical tourists, fashion connoisseurs, football fans, to Instagramable spot hunters.

If you are in London and one of the goals of wanting to hunt for an Instagramable spot, it’s good to know where these places are first. There are four instagramable spots that tourists usually visit.

1. Dominique Ansel Bakery London The first Instagramable spot

This place is a unique bakery with a closed park with a capacity of 25 guests. You can capture a variety of foods that are ordered at Afternoon Tea, which usually occurs in spring. A beautiful terrace containing a fruit and vegetable garden can also be a nice Instagram photo object. You can photograph freshly picked strawberries, British sweet peas, and beautiful flowers around the shop.

You can also create these bread so that they look beautiful to photograph, for example, watermelon with added ice cream on top. Of course, in addition to your eyes satisfied with the photos, your stomach is also full after eating the dish. Location Dominique Ansel Bakery London is located at 17-21 Elizabeth St, Belgravia, London SW1W 9RP. The operational time is open every day, starting at 08.00 WIB until 20.00 WIB. While for Sundays, it opens from 09.00 to 20.00 WIB.

2. The Berkeley Hotel, Where You Can Play Slot Online While Having an Afternoon Tea

The second Instagramable spot in London, is filled by The Berkeley Hotel. The UK is known for its tradition of afternoon tea or Afternoon Tea, where the queens like to drink tea accompanied by a variety of cakes. Uniquely at The Berkeley Hotel, cakes for Afternoon Tea are all shaped in the form of shoes, handbags, and others. Cake shaped fashion items that look beautiful and adorable because of the minimalist size. Here you will enjoy the most sophisticated moment to enjoy the fine dinning, while you can also enjoy Pragmatic Play slot online game on your mobile phone so you can be seen as a rich person. They also got some exciting casino games that will bring your luck to win high prizes!

You will feel like you can’t bear to eat it. For those of you who love unique food photos, The Berkeley Hotel is the right spot. But before hunting for photos, you need a reservation to be able to do these fun activities. The location is at The Berkeley Wilton Place, Knightsbridge, London, SW1X 7RL, England.

3. Coppa Club


This place is an Instagramable place and also a beautiful spot to admire the city of London, especially at night. The Coppa Club offers guests an experience to see the beautiful views of Tower Bridge and Shard while sitting relaxed in a capsule or igloo. This is also one of the coolest places in London. They make igloos because the temperature there is cold. It’s very popular until it has to be reserved, many of our artists also go there. You can capture photos in an igloo decorated with bright lights, soft blankets, and festive decorations. A perfect mix if you enjoy breakfast, lunch, and dinner and then immortalize it with your device or camera.

Please note, you can only make reservations at the Coppa Club online. You can open the site for more reservation information. The location of the Coppa Club is at 3 Three Quays Walk, Lower Thames Street, London.

4. Kew Garden The last Instagramable destination

This place is a large area of ​​parks and greenhouses located between Richmond and Kew, precisely southwest of London. This one spot is also commonly known as The Royal Botanical Garden Kew. In 2003, the park was included in the UNESCO World Heritage site. Kew Garden is a suitable choice for Instagramable spots in London because it has a beautiful garden setting. Besides, Kew Garden also has interesting events at any time.

The most satisfying is to enjoy and take pictures at Kew Garden at night because there are beautiful bright lights. There is always an event there, but the theme is different every time, for example, this spring, there is an orchid festival there. That’s the orchid from Indonesia.

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