MONSTER Loch Ness is one of the many popular legends in the world. This monster comes from Scottish folklore. Local Scottish residents call this creature by the name of Nessie. It is said that Nessie is a huge water creature. With a very long neck. Often appear on the surface of the water.

Many scientists believe Loch Ness is just a myth or a cultural story. You could even say hoax. Until now, there has been no proof that monsters are really just a myth. In fact, there are several versions of the story about the Loch Ness monster.

It all depends on where you hear it. Other locations and cultures have similar legends. There is a similar legend named Champ and Ogopogo. There are so many things that lie behind Nessie’s knowledge. Reporting from the travel page. Here are some facts about the Loch Ness monster.

1. Similar to Plesiosaurus


Loch Ness has a characteristic. Long neck. Big body. It has four fins. Such a picture must sound very scary. It also reminds us of ancient animals millions of years ago. Ancient animals are known as Plesiosaurus.

Usually, monsters have similarities with a creature. Even in fiction films. Monsters in the movie have properties very similar to the original animal. It makes sense if Loch Ness is considered that way. Maybe Nessie is a dinosaur that still survives.

2. Tourist attraction


Although Nessie could not be ascertained the existence and truth. The local legend is the income from the Scottish economic sector. It is estimated that the lake where Loch Ness was first seen generated billions of money each year.

That’s all because so many tourists come to visit the lake where Loch Ness has been seen. That way, Scotland is very proud of this legend. Even several tourist attractions were built around the location of the emergence of Loch Ness.


3. Deep scan operation


Maybe you think that Nessie is just a public story or an ordinary myth. It’s a big mistake if you think of it that way. A massive search has been carried out. Deep. To find Nessie.

This search is known as Deepscan Operation. The estimated cost of this operation is Rp. 14.3 billion, according to The Legend of Nessie’s website. Although during the operation, there was no very accurate evidence of Nessie’s whereabouts.

In their documentation, they found several sonar blips. It was identified as something bigger than a shark, but smaller than a whale.

4. Many see it on Google Earth


Not a few people are curious about the Loch Ness monster. They are willing to spend time to search using Google Earth. With the hope of finding something surprising.

Indeed, looking for it on Google Earth is the best way because you can search all day, without having to leave the comfort of your own home.

If you can’t go to Scotland. Try to search further on Google Earth. You will never know what you found.

5. More than 200 thousand searches on the internet


Loch Ness monster included in cryptozoology. The study of mysterious animals. Even Loch Ness is sought by more than 200 thousand Google users every day.

This number does not include visitors to the lake location of the emergence of Loch Ness. Or those who search on other search sites. People really like stories like this. One of them is Bigfoot. This shows that Cryptozoology is exciting.



There are so many interesting countries to visit in Europe, and Britain is one of the best. Not just a matter of building or a row of world-class football clubs, but also the royal life that is unique and inviting curiosity. Now, talking about the British empire is not only about Kate Middleton or Prince William, but also the British official. Yup, Queen Elizabeth.

This figure is indeed very iconic with England and indeed is so respected there. This 89-year-old woman is also very good temperament and friendly to anyone. But behind what we know about Queen Elizabeth, it turns out that the granddaughter of Queen Mary has unique facts that not everyone knows. For example, it turns out easy to get angry, unique object collectors, as well as many others. Following the review.

1. A kindhearted queen who can sometimes get angry

Queen Elizabeth

As good and polite as any manner of a nobleman, she is also an ordinary man who can be angry when there are various things that are not in accordance with her wishes. Something like this has also been shown by the queen. Several times she was caught on camera throwing shoes to threaten someone.

But of all these things, there is one exciting event that many people will remember about the queen’s anger. At that time, there was a photo session with the leaders of the countries at the G20 meeting in 2009. The queen, who was sitting in the front row, was very disturbed when Silvio Berlusconi suddenly shouted “Mr. Obama ” right behind her. Queen Elizabeth chimed in by shouting also like this, “Hey, should you scream like that?”. This incident was viral and invited a lot of responses.

2. The Queen Eats the Same Breakfast Every Morning

Queen Elizabeth

Imagine every day you have to eat fried rice or instant noodles, and you must be bored to death even though it tastes good. You are even more willing to skip breakfast if the menu is the same from yesterday. This is very different from the habits of Queen Elizabeth. Believe it or not, she has been eating the same breakfast menu, perhaps since she was young.

I don’t know what caused it, but the queen would never miss her favorite oatmeal cornflakes or porridge and orange jam bread. Hmm, even though she is a royal family who has more than enough wealth to provide a better and varied breakfast menu than this. But, the queen certainly has her own reasons. Maybe one of them is to save the royal budget.

3. Ever Received Prizes in the form of Unique Animals

Queen Elizabeth

Being a noble, let alone the most respected person in the kingdom, of course, Queen Elizabeth often receives gifts. But not only luxury items, the queen often receives gifts in the form of unique and unusual animals. For example, such as in 1968, when she visited Brazil, the local government gave her two slow lorises, which she finally placed in the London zoo.

Before giving these two cool animals, the queen had also received a Jaguar from Brazil, two black otters from Canada, and the most eager was an elephant from Cameroon. Unfortunately, the queen did not make Elizabeth Zoo even though armed with all these animal gifts she could make her own zoo.

4. Queen Has 30 Corgi Dogs

Queen Elizabeth

Corgi is a breed of dog with elongated body stature, but all four legs are short. This dog is known to be very spoiled and naughty. Even so, the queen really likes this type, and now she has about 30 tails. The first Corgi dog was given by her father, George VI, in 1933.

The queen’s attention to her dogs is really big. Even once when she learned that one of the royal workers did not treat her pet well, the queen cut his salary. At that time, the worker deliberately put the Corgi dog food in a tray filled with water while laughing.



The experience of exploring in Edinburgh leaves a beautiful euphoria when returning home. As if the heart is clasped to always beating there. Edinburgh is a complete package destination for traveling connoisseurs. The combination of thick history and stunning natural beauty is the main attraction of this city. Destination destinations that can not be missed. One word for Edinburgh: Perfect !!

UNESCO World Heritage Site


Like the Borobudur Temple which is protected by UNESCO. In Edinburgh, almost all parts of the city is a heritage site that must be preserved. Edinburgh offers a mix of medieval-style architecture in the Old Town area and georgian-style architecture in the New Town area and the West End area. When walking through the streets of the City of Edinburgh, feelings of excitement as if amazement never stopped.

Old Town: Edinburgh Castle, Royal Mile, Holyrood Palace, to Scottish Parlianment


Exploring the Old Town area takes us to explore buildings in the reform era and medieval-style architecture. Edinburgh Castle stands firmly on Castle Rock Hill, a landmark building erected by King David I, the youngest son of the King of Scotland in the 12th century to commemorate his mother.

Navigate the Royal Mile, the busiest arterial road visited by tourists connecting several highways. Along the way we can enjoy the architectural grandeur of the building, typical cuisine of Scotland, the Church of St. Giles ’Cathedral to unique arteries such as circuses and bagpiper performers complete with green or red tartan kilt cloth motifs worn around the waist like skirts. The music is very distinctive and drifting.

From the Royal Mile to Holyrood we can see the Holyrood Palace, the official residence of the Queen of England in Scotland and Scottish Parlianment, which has a distinctive building of bamboo and grass roofing.

New Town: Princess Street, Monuments and Museums


New Town was built in the 18th century, presenting neo-classical and georgian-style architecture that still maintains its authenticity. Princess Street is an arterial road that has a lot of public transportation such as buses and trams. If you get lost in Edinburgh, just take a bus with a route that passes Princess Street because almost all bus routes pass this way so you can find your destination bus along this Princess Street stop. Jalan Princess is also dominated by shops and shopping centers. Prices vary greatly depending on the product and brand. Some original brand products can be obtained at much cheaper prices than the selling price in Indonesia. From this street you can also view Edinburgh Castle from a distance.

Edinburgh really values ​​history. Along the roads in the New Town area we can find various monuments and museums. On Princess Street we can find Scott Monument, the National Gallery of Scotland and the Royal Scottish Academy. Then slightly up to Calton Hill, we can find 5 monuments at once namely the National Monument of Scotland, the monument Nelson monuments, Portuguese Cannon, Dugald Stewart Mon



Scotland is a country incorporated in the United Kingdom. In this country, there are many historical sites in the form of buildings that are hundreds or even thousands of years old.

There are eight sites that need to be visited in the area of ​​the city of Glasgow. For Friends of Dream who want to visit, they can use a plane from the City of Edinburgh.

Edinburg Castle

edinburgh castle

Buildings that can amaze thousands of pairs of eyeballs who see it. Edinburg Castle is the oldest building, as well as the icon of Edinburg. Like two blades, this beautiful building also presents Christianity. Palaces made of volcanic stones are silent witnesses of the cruelty felt by prisoners of war and other dark historical events taking place in this palace.

 Arthur’s Seat

arthur's seat

Arthur’s Seat will give you the experience of treading the hillside towering above Edinburg. The hill that rises to a height of 822 feet will provide an incredible view of the city. Besides, the appeal of Arthur’s Seat is the largest hill of a series of three hills in Edinburg, and that makes it more special, this hill was formed from volcanic eruptions.

 Scott Monument

scott monument

This monument has its own appeal, especially for lovers of literature. Because the Scott Monument was built in honor of Scottish literary writer Sir Walter Scott, who died in 1832. Designed by George Meikle Kemp, construction began in 1840. This monument was also allegedly one of the largest monuments in the world. Besides being able to enjoy the beauty of the design of this monument, here you can also see sculptures of characters found in the literary novel, Sir Walter Scott.

 The Scottish Writer’s Museum


Almost similar to Scott Monument, this museum also has its own place in the hearts of literature lovers. Unlike the Scott Monument which is only specific to novelist Sir Walter Scott. At Writer’s Museum presents the lives of three prominent Scottish writers. Not only Walter Scott but also including Robert Burns and Robert Louis Stevenson. The museum located at Lady Stair’s House offers architecture that can amaze visitors, and also displays photographs and personal items belonging to the author, one of which is a typewriter.

The National Monument of Scotland


The monument that stands tall on a hill beckons the memory of a tireless and memorable history. The Scottish National Monument, located on Calton Hill, remembers Scottish soldiers and sailors who died as a result of fighting in the Napoleonic Wars. The monument, designed by Charles Robert Cockerell and Willian Henry Playfair, was decided to become a UNESCO world heritage site.

 Craigmillar Castle

craigmiller castle

The construction of this castle began in the 15th century. It seems that the building, which took 250 years to build, produced a very classic architecture typical of the Middle Ages. Here you will get a beautiful view then surrounded by parks and vast expanses of grassland. This is guaranteed to make the success of anyone who comes to this castle get its own impression, of course, a very amazing impression.

 St Gile’s Cathedral


The very historic Cathedral Church in the city of Edinburgh is also known as the High Kirk of Edinburg. Already present since the 14th century, this church building has very impressive architecture, with a very iconic spire. Standing between Edinburg Castle and the Palace of Holyroodhouse, this church has served people in spirituality for 900 years now.