Did you know that apart from tourist attractions, people also vacation in England because of its unique and colorful festivals? There are walking festivals, Shakespeare’s birthday celebrations, London marathons, to gardening festivals! So that you don’t miss it, here are 10 festivals in April that must be included in your holiday itinerary in England this year.

Isle of Wight Walking Festival

April 4-19 on the Isle of Wight, Southern England.

The Isle of Wight is known as “the dinosaur capital of Britain” because of the abundance of dinosaur fossils here. The location of the island with a beautiful coastline is only about 2 hours from London. If you want to explore this place, the right time is April 4-19 2019. There is The Isle of Wight Walking Festival which presents a variety of guided walking tours with interesting routes. Together with locals and other tourists, you will tread a variety of landscapes, from hilly to seaside. The sea breeze and stunning seaside views are sure to make your walking tour relaxing and enjoyable.

Grand National

April 5-7 at Aintree Racecourse, Liverpool.

Besides being famous for its football team, Liverpool also has an attraction for lovers of equestrian sports. One of the biggest horse racing competitions in the world, the Grand National will be held on April 4-6. Have an unforgettable experience when you see 40 horses running over obstacles, overtaking each other, until finally ending up at the finish line and being greeted by loud applause. If you want to watch, ticket prices range from £30.00 to £95.00 (around Rp. 544 thousand to Rp. 1.8 million). Don’t miss out on Ladies’ Day on the second day, where fashionistas will wear their best clothes.

Edinburgh International Science Festival

April 6-12 in Edinburgh, Scotland.

One of the largest science festivals in Europe, the Edinburgh International Science Festival, provides an extraordinary experience through innovative programs and engaging discussions. Held for two weeks in Edinburgh, you can join in watching science films, take part in special activities, see science exhibitions, and participate in discussions about the future of culture, the earth and technology.

The Oxford & Cambridge Boat Race

April 7 in London.


Already have an agenda to London on 7 April? Take time to stop by the riverside around Putney, Hammersmith or Mortlake in South London. Since 1829, the Oxford & Cambridge Boat Race has been the most eagerly awaited boat race for British citizens. There is also The Boat Race Fan Parks in Bishop’s Park, Hammersmith with big screens, food stalls, and Boat Race knick-knacks that you can buy.

RHS Flower Show Cardiff

April 12-14 in Cardiff, South Wales.

For those of you who are interested in colorful flower gardens, you will definitely be happy to come to Cardiff on April 12-14. The Royal Horticultural Society Flower Show will be held in Bute Park, Cardiff. This is a place for flora lovers to gather and find inspiration for their gardening activities. If you don’t like gardening, you can still come to see a flower exhibition or join a workshop. Who knows, after returning from Cardiff, you will want to organize your garden at home.

St. George’s Day

23 April across the UK.

Well, if you’re in England on April 23, you can join in celebrating St. George’s Day. On this day, people feast to celebrate a legendary British hero. Celebration of St. George’s Day is filled with activities such as a medieval big meal, “dragon hunting” or a theatrical performance about St. George’s. George.