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Scotland is a country incorporated in the United Kingdom. In this country, there are many historical sites in the form of buildings that are hundreds or even thousands of years old.

There are eight sites that need to be visited in the area of ​​the city of Glasgow. For Friends of Dream who want to visit, they can use a plane from the City of Edinburgh.

Edinburg Castle

edinburgh castle

Buildings that can amaze thousands of pairs of eyeballs who see it. Edinburg Castle is the oldest building, as well as the icon of Edinburg. Like two blades, this beautiful building also presents Christianity. Palaces made of volcanic stones are silent witnesses of the cruelty felt by prisoners of war and other dark historical events taking place in this palace.

 Arthur’s Seat

arthur's seat

Arthur’s Seat will give you the experience of treading the hillside towering above Edinburg. The hill that rises to a height of 822 feet will provide an incredible view of the city. Besides, the appeal of Arthur’s Seat is the largest hill of a series of three hills in Edinburg, and that makes it more special, this hill was formed from volcanic eruptions.

 Scott Monument

scott monument

This monument has its own appeal, especially for lovers of literature. Because the Scott Monument was built in honor of Scottish literary writer Sir Walter Scott, who died in 1832. Designed by George Meikle Kemp, construction began in 1840. This monument was also allegedly one of the largest monuments in the world. Besides being able to enjoy the beauty of the design of this monument, here you can also see sculptures of characters found in the literary novel, Sir Walter Scott.

 The Scottish Writer’s Museum


Almost similar to Scott Monument, this museum also has its own place in the hearts of literature lovers. Unlike the Scott Monument which is only specific to novelist Sir Walter Scott. At Writer’s Museum presents the lives of three prominent Scottish writers. Not only Walter Scott but also including Robert Burns and Robert Louis Stevenson. The museum located at Lady Stair’s House offers architecture that can amaze visitors, and also displays photographs and personal items belonging to the author, one of which is a typewriter.

The National Monument of Scotland


The monument that stands tall on a hill beckons the memory of a tireless and memorable history. The Scottish National Monument, located on Calton Hill, remembers Scottish soldiers and sailors who died as a result of fighting in the Napoleonic Wars. The monument, designed by Charles Robert Cockerell and Willian Henry Playfair, was decided to become a UNESCO world heritage site.

 Craigmillar Castle

craigmiller castle

The construction of this castle began in the 15th century. It seems that the building, which took 250 years to build, produced a very classic architecture typical of the Middle Ages. Here you will get a beautiful view then surrounded by parks and vast expanses of grassland. This is guaranteed to make the success of anyone who comes to this castle get its own impression, of course, a very amazing impression.

 St Gile’s Cathedral


The very historic Cathedral Church in the city of Edinburgh is also known as the High Kirk of Edinburg. Already present since the 14th century, this church building has very impressive architecture, with a very iconic spire. Standing between Edinburg Castle and the Palace of Holyroodhouse, this church has served people in spirituality for 900 years now.

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