This year we are celebrating 20 years at March House. Here’s what some of our guests have written:


Chap and Tony Oz.                 ?Wonderful Highland warmth.?br> Judith and Bart.                     ‘A wonder of a place.?br> Jones Family Uk/Nz.           ?Perfect, Perfect, Perfect!?
Manique from France.               ‘le soleil est a l’intereur.
Ian and Liz H. England.                    ’Lovely, so peaceful.?br> Alan & Jeanne Texas USA           ?A delight! Thanks.?
M from Fife.                            ‘Peace, perfect peace.?
Eric S. Surry.                           ‘Seriously good food?
J & M  Edinburgh.                      ‘Superb wedding meal.?br> Stella H. Colombia               ?Gracias, todo muy lindo. Adios.?
Ian, Rachel & Ellie.    ‘Fantastic and very friendly thank you so much.?br> T.M. Germany.                   ‘It was just wonderful to be here !?
Jim Wilson.                                ‘Exceptionally good food.?/span>


Uath Lochan from the high cliff walk. There are more down and around the little lochs below

Christine and Michael.             ‘Truly welcoming thank you.?nbsp;                                                      
Varona & Beni. Israel.          ‘Excellent Hospitality! Very recommended !?
Betty and Stuart Glasgow.          ?Lovely peaceful home. Thank you.?br> M.P. Edinburgh.            ‘Very comfortable, friendly and superb menu.?
Marta del P. y Estefania  Spain     ?A quiet place. Delicious breakfast.?br> Jud & Chantal.             ‘Thanks. We really enjoyed our stay especially dinner and your help with our hike.?br> J. S. & K.T. Harris.  ?Wonderful! The nicest place we’ve stayed all holiday.  Great shortbread! We’ll be back!!?br> R. Germany.                          ‘Very nice. Fantastic fireplace and a very relaxing bathtub.?
Mark, Annie & Jack. UK.                 ’Great company, great food, very relaxing ?thank you.?br> Rudiger & Sarah               ‘We had a relaxing week with friendly hosts in a gorgeous surrounding.?
Paul & Marcy                          ‘Very comfortable and so quiet we could have slept for a month.?br> A Y Margen Spain.   ‘Muy agradables, la cocina estupenda, muy bien. Un situ  muy tranquilo. Gracias por todo.?nbsp;   
Jean & Margaret L  Scotland & England.    ‘Thank you very much for yet another lovely holiday.
                           Great hospitality, it seems like a home from home now. Delicious food of course.?
Tom & Leni V. Dutch.   ‘We had a wonderful stay, excellent dinner beautiful view on the mountains.?
G Family   W Sussex.              ‘Excellent stay in a lovely location. Very enjoyable.?nbsp;
Bill & Dorothy D.   ‘Thank you again. Good cooking, fun, laughter, marmalade, nice to see you again.?/span>

Sarah & Ian S. Surry.    ?A blissful three days - delicious food. VMT’s.?
Jeff R. & Jen B.    Canada    ‘Should be rated a five star for the
personal touch on food and service. A  beautiful and calming place worth coming back to.?nbsp;
David B. & Thomas B. France.  ?It's amazing how we feel like home here. Pity we have to leave.?br> Sinclair &Janette.  From a Scottish Isle.         ‘We have found a ‘delight? Will recommend.?br> Nikki S.W. Yorks.                  ‘A little gem tucked away in the wilds, fabulas. See ya soon.?br> Iain from Bolton. ‘Lovely. ?nbsp; Watching woodpeckers and tree creepers with breakfast. And the mushrooms!!?br> Rita, Penei, Oscar& Olea,  ’Extraordinary place! Excellent atmosphere. Respect the nature is a must. Thanks?br> Andrew and July .  Solihull.                  ‘Loved the riverside walk and the birds and the wildlife.?br> Gerald Macpherson.                     ‘Perfect as ever Caroline! We’ll be back.?br> Byd and family.    Holland.          ’I said this morning to the children-if you have complains or if you argue to much, just look       out the  window and all your troubles go away.  My son(6) liked it yery much here. ?nbsp;      

Iren and Jackie. ?Less like a hotel, more like staying with good friends at their country house. We nearly drove back from            Skye for another dinner after Caroline’s soufflés!   The pivot point of our honeymoon... Thanks for the great memories.?nbsp;   
Jheene and Mike.             ’Fantastic hospitality, surroundings and innovative menu.  Thank you.?nbsp;      
Simon and Marcela.             ?Extremely peaceful and relaxing. We look forward to returning.?nbsp;   
Sinclaire and Janette.                          ’We have found a ’delight? Will recommend.?




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